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    HDMI Output to LG 47LH3000 LCD TV (NOT Monitor)


      The nearest I could find to my issue here was http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3519/p/19466572/20184938.aspx#20184938 , and this required Dell to replace the motherboard & processor. I've a feeling this maybe has never worked and is possibly a known problem (motherboard, processor, combination?) though possibly under-reported- just so few folks bother with HDMI output to TV with this (Dell N5050) model so doesn't appear on the radar much. It may be the processor doesn't support HDMI output but the Dell N5050 system provides one that is therefore totally useless and superfluous, and if this is the case I could really use someone telling me this is the case.


      System specs:

      Dell N5050

      Intel® HM67 Express Chipset Family

      Intel® Processor Graphics 2000


      My issue is- RGB to the TV works fine, HDMI doesn't to any TV, though the TV in question accepts HDMI from another laptop (IBM) in the household. It's not a critical issue, and when the other IBM laptop is around I can use it, but in the nature of laptops it's not always around. I've been to Dell, but changes in OS (I bought an XP machine with a W7 upgrade included), so when I called Dell about it they said since the machine wasn't the original spec it was out of warranty with changes and they couldn't help. My warranty is recently up, though this has been a problem since day 1, and increasingly so. I've periodically revisited this to look around to see if anyone has found a solution yet, and retracing my steps each time takes, well, time, so this is probably my last attempt since technology moves on.


      To a Q posted elsewhere: http://www.fixya.com/support/t16629734-hdmi_output_not_working - relevant piece of suggested answer:

      "->control panel and select "Appearance and Personalization." Click "Display Settings" followed by "Advanced Settings." Select the "Intel" tab and click the "Graphics Properties" button. Choose the "Intel Dual Display Clone" option and close the windows. What you see on your computer screen will also appear on the television. Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom-left of the screen and select "Playback devices." Select HDMI in the list of devices and click "Set Default" in the bottom of the window.".


      1) HDMI Connection made (HDMI #3 on TV and lit on TV end to indicate some cable/connection(?) noticed).

      2) Win 7, so slightly different navigation to "Intel" tab via "Connect to an external display"->"Advanced Settings" and I click the "Graphics Properties" button.

      Then I get 3 options (with a checkbox "Do not show this dialog again"):

      • Basic Mode
      • Advanced Mode
      • Wizard Mode

      3) Since Advanced 'Shows all the settings' I select this. I'd note- and this may be the trouble- that under the "Intel" tab there is only one option-"Built-In Display"- for the "Display" drop-down box. And everywhere I go within this "Intel" tab(s) there are only abilities to set parameters for the "Built-In Display". There's no "Intel Dual Display Clone" option anywhere to be seen.

      The driver for the "Intel HD Graphics Card Family" device (HD Graphics card "working properly" ) is from Intel dated 25/03/2011 version, which is the latest I've been able to obtain and everything else on this Dell Inspiron N5050 is working fine and as up-to-date as I can make it (including Dell's support site).


      Other items of note:

      The speakers don't show an HDMI option under "Playback devices" from the Sound item- just 2 x "IDT High Definition Audio Codec" for "Speakers / Headphones" and "Communications Headphones", both correct.


      I've searched everywhere for a solution- others with similar/the same(?) problems have got boards replaced by Dell under warranty (mine now is just off it, though this feature never worked from the first day I tried it). I've tried everything at this point from generic (watch this video, make sure the TV is on.. to update drivers etc...) to no avail.


      Any help appreciated, particularly if someone can confirm what I suspect- that this Intel motherboard with on-board Graphics DOES NOT support HDMI. Then I can at least take this to Dell. If more information is needed, just let me know and I'll happily provide.



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          I understand your HDMI port is not working with any TV.


          Based on what you say that the HDMI does not work in any TV I could say that the problem is the HDMI port in your computer; however, there are some troubleshooting steps I would like you to try such as testing the system without the graphics driver to discard any problem with the driver. You can uninstall the driver from Control Panel.


          The other option is to test the system in safe mode. Here, the system will be tested with the necessary drivers only and we can also discard a software issue.


          Please be aware that we provide generic drivers that have not been developed or tested specially for your system. Each motherboard, laptop or Original Equipment Manufacturer can add, remove and change features on the video controllers they implement on their systems. Therefore they provide customized drivers to support such changes. So we always recommend using the latest drivers provided directly by your motherboard or Original Equipment Manufacturer.


          If you would like to download the latest graphics driver we have, you can download it from the following link:




          I assumed you are using Windows* 7 64 bit and the driver provided above is for that operating system. If you are using another operating system let me know and I will post the driver for your operating system.

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            Thanks for the reply. I tried the following based on your suggestions:


            1) Uninstalled the current driver, an Intel HD Graphics Family Driver (25/03/2011 Version and rebooted, whereupon the system came back up with a VgaSave Device(?)/Driver that provided basic functionality- NO projector, RGB, HDMI output or even the options in BOTH SAFE AND NORMAL MODES (W7 32 Bit). In Device Manager this shows up under 'Other Devices' (Video Controller (VGA Compatible). Expected result.


            2) Searched for a new driver with Update Driver- the system found and installed an Intel HD Graphics Family Driver (12/12/2012 Version so this is an improvement. RGB output no problem, it recognizes this as an LG TV (correct). Plugging HDMI cable into the PC, the driver seems to recognize a 3rd display (LG TV) but it seems to be trying to output to the VGA Port- it's as if it senses an HDMI Port (and an LG TV from data coming in) but can't move data out along the HDMI connection.


            That's the state of play at present. I'd have used the driver you kindly referred to, only it's 64 Bit and my system is W7 32 Bit- would you have a link to the 32 Bit version? Then I'll try that to see results and if it doesn't work I'll revert back to identify the permutations/combinations of VGA AND/OR HDMI lead connections to the TV and the results for VGA only (seems to work fine), HDMI only and both plugged in.


            Any other suggestions and believe me, I'm all ears.


            Thanks again for your help- it is very much appreciated.

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              Hello Hornirl,


              Please note that the driver version 2932 is the latest driver we have released. I apologize for providing a 64 bit driver before. If you would like to download the driver for Windows* 7 or Windows* 8 32 bit, you may download it from the following link:




              The driver provided above is a generic driver from our side, so if issue persists will be necessary to contact the OEM to get the drivers specifically for your system.