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    Unable to do "Volume Capacity Expansion" with ICH10R

      I have a new PC with an ASUS P6T motherboard, with an onboard ICH10R.  I had the PC built with 3 1TB drives in a single Raid 5 volume. I brought the PC home and am trying to add a 4th 1TB (identical) drive. The 4th drive shows as "Non-Raid"on Port 4. Selecting "Modify Volume" on the Raid 5 cluster takes me to a screen that shows the "Volume Capacity Expansion" greyed out.    I would appreciate some help in getting this drive added to the Raid 5.

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          Can you click on the checkbox in front of the Volume Capacity Expansion text? The options are greyed out until you click that checkbox. Or is the Volume Capacity Expansion text greyed out too?


          The reason I suggest it is because when I looked at the UI, the checkbox looked grey to me so I thought it was all greyed out and I couldn't expand .. but it was actually clickable.

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            Elizabeth, thank you for the reply.

            On my image of this (V8.8), nothing is clickable. The only field that will accept input is the Volume Name field.  Everything else is greyed out, unclickable, untabbable, etc.

            I'm wondering if I have properly identified the new drive I have installed?  Could you please verify for me?

            Thanks. I'd love to be able to get this 4th drive to install.

            I'm really dreading the process of deleting and starting over.



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              is this a system volume (I think it says yes in the above screenshot)? the one thing that just occurred to me is that >2TB volume support is for data volumes only, and if this is a system volume, that might be why you cannot expand the capacity (because with 3x1TB drives in a RAID 5 volume, you're probably just about at 2TB right now). I don't have 1TB drives, else I could try and compare.

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                Yes, these are set as one giant drive/volume which is the system drive. If there is a restriction on the size of a C: volume in Vista 64 bit, this is the first I've heard of it.  I've got some research to do.  Thank you.

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                  Hi I am also unable to expand the capacity of a RAID0 volume with ICH10R on DX58SO I started with a 2TB RAID 0 (2x1TB drives) it allowed me to modify the volume and add a third identcal drive which then rebuilt the RAID 0.......5 hours later I was prompted to reboot only to find I was left with my original 2TB partition and 2 unallocated spaces on the volume....1 of about 184GB and the other of about 700GB....at this point I went back to the Matrix control panel and again selected modify this time I had some more options....one of which was to expand the volume to use full capacity so I selected this but nothing seems to have happened.....I still have my 2TB RAID0 and the 2 unallocated spaces....any ideas.....this is a storage partition not an OS partition





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                    Capacity Expansion up and over the 2TB is available only to non system disks the reasons are because:


                    The MBR Table that you would normally create and install Windows to supports a roof capacity of 2048Gb / 2TB.

                    When using the full 3TB on the ICH10R the drives become non system disks.

                    1. From windows you need to enter diskmgmt.msc in the run box.

                    2. Right click the appropriate drive... should display 2 unallocated spaces or more.

                    3. Select Convert to GPT disk (GUID Partition Table)


                    4. Partition as usual.