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    Processor Overheating Problem, Need Help Desperately

      Hi, I am Mridul from India. My processor warranty runs out in a couple of months. I have an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 524. A couple of months ago, I it was overheating i.e. it was reaching in upwards of 80 degrees celcius with running benchmark tests and playing simple youtube videos and lot of applications known to consume very little processor power were consuming large amounts.

      Then, as an interim measure, I borrowed a processor of same model from a friend and tried it out. The temperature problem has reduced significantly although it is not exactly normal.

      When I contacted Intel support, after a round of diagnosis over chatting, I was told to remove the thermal gel and reapply it and try it on again. But as my vendor has quit this business, I could not obtain any after a few weeks failed try. Then when I contacted intel support again, I was told to contact India centre and was provided a contact no. which did not work.

      Now I have to return the processor to my friend and my own is still malfuctioning.

      Please help me with suggestions what to do. Could it be a problem with my motherboard, which is also an Intel product, 945GNTL or my SMPS etc?

      Please help me out. I am at end of my wits.