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    Lenovo U510 w/Intel HD 4000 Graphics, Windows 7 x64 screen flicker


      So I just purchased a U510 ultrabook and it arrived yesterday.  Looks very slick, obviously stole some ideas from the Macbook.  But alas, as with the last 5 things I bought from Lenovo, nothing but problems.  I keep promising myself I won't order anything else from them, but then the value is there so I break down.




      It comes loaded with Windows 8 which at this point to me is unbearable, so I format the HDDs and loaded Windows 7 Home x64.  Everything goes smoothly until I install the Intel HD 4000 driver.  Whether or not I use different versions, it doesn't matter, the screen will just flicker like crazy.  I mean I can see what I am doing for the most part but it is unusable.  So I uninstall the driver and it acts normally.  I call Lenovo and they want to charge me to fix it even though it is a day old so to hell with that.


      I then attempted to load Windows 8 back on there thinking maybe it was just with the driver for 7.  NO.  Same thing happens as soon as I load the Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver.


      Anyone else having issues like me?