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    Intel 1000 BGN problem.


      Hello, I have searched online for the past few hours for a solution to my problem but could not find anything that worked.


      I have a Dell XPS L501x with the Intel 1000 BGN wireless card, and for some reason I cannot connect to the internet after a disconnection last night. I know the modem and router are working fine as other devices are connecting and working. However, whatever I try my laptop cannot connect back using WLAN. The only way it's connecting to the internet is through the Ethernet cable.


      I have tried updating the driver for the wireless card, system restoring to a previous point (in safe mode), and running the Intel diagnostics but nothing seems to work. I have tried connecting to hotspots but they don't work either. There are no apparent errors coming up.


      If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.