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    Intel G35 Express driver stopped responding - Windows 7, DG35EC desktop board


      Recently upgraded our machines to Win 7 32-bit.  Four of our computers with the DG35EC desktop board and G35 Express onboard video are consistently crashing.  The screen goes black, then comes back on with a message, "Display driver stopped responding, and has recovered" or something to that effect.  Most often, the computer then goes to a blue screen and soon reboots itself.


      These computers are using the latest Intel BIOS for this motherboard, and the problem actually occurs worst when I have the most recent Intel Video driver installed (  When I roll back to the driver from May 2009, the problem occurs less frequently, but is still common.


      Has anyone got any ideas?  Are there any plans to update this driver?  These computers worked just fine with Windows XP.  We don't use graphics intense software, and the crashes happen with normal usage of Explorer, usually within 10 minutes of booting.


      Thanks for any insights...