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    Intel HD 4000 and Audio problem


      Hi Everyone,

      I bought a new laptop and it has Intel HD 4000 and Geforce GT 630M on Windows 8 system. I connect my laptop via HDMI to TV in order to watch movies. There is no problem about speeches until music comes out. When music begins, it chokes the speech and I heard the conversation barely. I looked for an option but Intel HD Audio has no interface to customize the settings. I had no this problem with my old system. I appreciate for any kind of help.


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          Hi gangstarr,


          I have a few things I'd like from you.  The first being a copy of your dxdiag (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All Information).  Just copy & paste it here, or upload it elsewhere and provide a link - and I'll take a look at it.


          Secondly, what playback devices are enabled in your Sound Panel when you are connected to the HDMI display?  You can try disabling all other playback devices except for the one you want to listen to, and then set the remaining device as the 'Primary'.


          Let me know how it goes,