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    bricked dz77bh-55k after loading bios defaults




      i have a dz77bh-55k. the board was nagging about a previous failed attempt at booting and wanted to disable fastboot or allow me to enter into the bios config. It has been doing this for several days now but there is no failed boot attempt. if i select N, so it does not enter setup and the system continues to boot the OS, everything works fine. This time I decided to go into the bios config, load defaults save and reboot. the very next time it booted it got stuck on post code 12. (system initializing) nothing that i do, recovery jumper, B2B button etc works. powering down for a while etc doesn't help either. System just died instantly while doing something perfectly valid.


      has anyone encountered this problem before and knows how to fix it ?






      board: DZ77BH-55K


      bios: 0098