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    INTEL DX58SO2 memory wrong?? please help






      I have a INTEL DX58SO2 board with 12gb ram Kingston KHX1600C9D3K3/12GX HyperX
      DDR3-1600  3x 4 GB PC13000 / DIMM 240 / 9-9-9-27 / 1.65V / Triple-Channel
      matched pair / Alu heat spreader / XMP Technology / for Intel Core i7




      now i saw that this kingston memory does not @ 1600mhz ( max. 1500mhz wuth
      manual settings in bios )




      My question now : in the bios is a special memory-profile for 1600 ram but my
      ram dont work with this profile




      What memory should i order for maximum performance and compatibility @
      1600mhz ( for use the in bios build-in memory-profile )




      I need exact name and type and brand... maybe its intel-ram ? I have no






      Thanks for help