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    Can't expand raid volume


      I have a PC with Intel ICH10r running RAID 1, originally with two 500GB drives. One of the drives failed, so I took the opportunity to upgrade to two 2TB drives. I rebuilt to one of the 2TB drives then installed the second 2TB drive and rebuilt to it. After that, I was able to expand the volume, but only to 839GB. Both drives are showing to have 1,863GB capacity but I cannot expand the volume farther. I have since upgraded ICH10r drivers and searched for BIOS and firmware upgrades for any-and-every piece of hardware on earth!


      Does anyone have any ideas? I would hate to rebuild from scratch and reinstall the OS(Win 7 64 bit) but I will if that will solve the problem.

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          Hello John,


          I understand you are having problems to expand the capacity using RAID 1.


          Here I would suggest you two different ways to troubleshoot the issue:


          1. You can open Disk management and format the rest of the space in the new Hard Disk Drives. Then you should open the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and try expanding the space in the RAID array.


          1. This second option would be easier and faster. Since you are using RAID 1, you have the possibility to open CTRL-I and set the disks to non RAID. By doing this, you will not lose the information in the Hard Disk Drives. After this, you can create a new RAID array using the total space in the Hard Disk Drives.