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    Raid 1 degraded after replacing of failed HDD


      Hi guys,


      I have Windows 7 with the Rapid Storage Manger for my MSI board with the X58 Express Chipset.

      I created a Raid 1 with 2x WDC 2TB HDDs (same model).

      One year later now one of those 2TB HDDs failed.

      WDC send me a new one with 3TB (different model, but same specs)

      I replaced the faulty HDD with the new WDC.

      I made some screenshots so you can see what is going on right now. Sorry it's in

      german but my main question is why the new HDD is unknown in the tool.






      When booting I can see the new HDD in the Raid Manager:



      What can I do to get a working arrary again?


      Thank you!



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          Hello Thomas,


          I understand you are having problems to include a new Hard Disk Drive in a RAID 1.


          Here I would suggest you two different ways to troubleshoot the issue:


          1. You can open Disk management and format the rest of the space in the new Hard Disk Drives. Then you should open the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and try rebuilding RAID array.


          1. This second option would be easier and faster. Since you are using RAID 1, you have the possibility to open CTRL-I and set the disks to non RAID. By doing this, you will not lose the information in the Hard Disk Drives. After this, you can create a new RAID array and the new Hard Disk Drive should be perfectly recognized.