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    HELP! How to set up RAID Array from clean install of W7??


      Greetings all,


      I'm going to make a long story short but just say that I had to reformat 2 internal 500GB hard drives in my laptop and managed to do a clean install on my Disk 0. These two disks used to be in RAID 0 but I had to switch to IDE in order to get Windows 7 reinstalled. However, now that I'm into the OS and changed Regedit to boot back into RAID 0, I'm getting an error upon booting moreover, I am not sure my computer is recognizing the second drive anymore... Can someone help me out and lead me in the right direction?


      This is what I see when I boot:


      The computer clearly recognizes the 2nd drive exists but when I go into My Computer and Computer Management, no 2nd drive is there! (E: is not Disk 0, I think it's just a partition I made when installing)




      Now when I boot into the storage config (ctrl+I), this is what I see and what my options are:



      Can someone please please please help me out?! Do I need to format the drive somehow in Windows before I try to tinker with the BIOS? Please help!


      Note: this is an MSI GT780DXR notebook. All drivers are reinstalled.


      Sidenote, why does it boot straight into the PXE screen...?


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          It looks from the first image that you had a failed RAID array that RST thinks is still there, but in a failed state. Then you've got two separate disks that only one is used (Member Disk(0)). Windows Disk Manager still sees the phantom array too. That's the unallocated 931 GB disk.


          This suggestion requires deleting and reinstalling the OS! What I would do, but it's a lot more work, would be to clean the existing disks to start fresh. Delete the old RAID volume in the storage config (ctrl+I). Create a new RAID 0 volume in the storage config (ctrl+I). Download the F9 drivers from the Rapid Storage support website and use them during the OS installation when you're asked for a mass storage device driver. You use those drivers to enable the OS installation to see the RST RAID volume and install there. Otherwise you're just using embedded OS drivers and, from your description, it doesn't recognize the RAID volume.


          The PXE screen usually means there isn't a bootable device available, or that your boot order is messed up. Check the boot order in the BIOS and set to a good order, i.e. CD or DVD-ROM, OS HDD (or RAID controller/volume)... How do you get into Windows if it boots straight into the PXE screen?




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            Worked like a dream, I thank you sir. As for it booting into PXE, I honestly haven't a clue... It would lock up on that screen and then just resume the boot. Crazy. Thank much!

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              I am just telling about PXE boot order.


              Go to BIOS (press F2 at System startup)  Go to BOOT Menu. You will see the Boot devices list.


              Disable "Boot from Network" and disable "Boot from USB" or "PXE boot" (something similar)


              The first device to boot from should be your hard disk(s).


              Press F10 to save and exit