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    dz77ga-70k fails without legacy boot

    Yuriy Smirnov


      I have a strange issue on dz77ga-70k (bios 0063)

      here is my specs:

      windows 8 x64 as uefi boot


      crucial 2gb XMP-1600-8-8-8-24      *4

      MSI geforce GTX670 o.c. (as default video)


      The problem is in bios behavior: if I uncheck the "legacy boot" and remain UEFI boot and then save and reload, the system will reload 3 times and then it shows black screen and after that monitor is switching on and there is my windows 8 start screen.

      On system prefs I can see that the intel hd graphics 4000 is enabled (but i've disabled it in visual bios)


      Then i reload and can't get into bios (Because of black screen!!!)


      If I use back to bios button or jumper the system will reload 3 times again, then in bios I can see that legacy boot is turned on, intel hd 4000 is turned on, and memory XMP disabled!!!