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    Primary display blacks out when HDMI device is turned off


      windowsI have a Windows 8 machine with an ASUS P8Z77-V MB that has Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU built-in.  The driver version on the GPU is, dated 12/12/12.  I currently have a 24" LCD monitor connected via DVI (1920x1080) as my primary display, and also an HDMI connection to my A/V Receiver (and thus the 60" plasma) as a secondary output (also 1920x1080) from the built-in GPU.  There is also a 3rd display - an older 17" LCD monitor (1280x1024) connected via a DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapter.  The 2 LCD's are on my desk, and the Plasma TV and Receiver is across the room.  I am running Extended Desktop so that all 3 monitors are independent.


      Everything works great...until I power down either the A/V Receiver or the TV, or both at the same time (which is 99% of the time).  When I do that, the primary display goes black and I can't get it to come back up unless I restart the machine.  The 3rd display stays up w/ no problems - just flashes black when the receiver turns off - so I can still get to the Win8 charms on that display to restart the machine, but the Start menu, etc. won't display b/c they show on the primary monitor only.   If I power the Receiver back on, the display on the TV comes up just fine, but the primary display remains black.  (Sometimes it even takes over as the primary display, which is very weird - even moves my desktop icons over there.  I have also had it move the desktop icons over, but leave the LCD as the primary...)  It behaves the same way if I use the built-in VGA to connect to the primary display instead of DVI.  It also doesn't seem to matter if the DisplayLink device is connected or not.


      I can't figure this one out.  All of the HDMI Control and pass-through settings on the Receiver are already turned off (they interfered with my Cable Set-Top-Box performance) so I don't think it's the receiver itself causing the issue.  Is there something within the HD Graphics 4000 controller that causes this issue?  Can I fix it without having to install a seperate graphics card?

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          I understand you are having problems with a HDMI device.


          Please note that this issue you have can be caused by the A/V receiver you are using and the Display link port you have. This is because both components are using the same frequency and can cause this type of problems. I suggest you to test the configuration without the any type of adapter in order to discard any issues. 


          Based on your problem description, I see you already installed the latest drivers for the Intel® HD Graphics 4000. Due to this, I suggest you to update the BIOS to the latest one other drivers from the motherboard manufacturer.