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    Intel D2500HN


      My question is about the Intel D2500HN motherboard with Atom CPU.


      Is it at all possible to use these motherboards with XP ?

      My company will want to use these in an industrial application and a few of the applications unfortunately require XP and not Linux. Linux is working flawless on this motherboard but XP gives a lot of resistance to run on the D2500HN I bought for evaluation.


      What happens is the following:

      1) I set the Sata mode to IDE (compatible) and XP loads and starts to install on the SATA drive.

      2) As soon as XP boots after installation to start from disk it fails and cannot find a bootable device.


      This is where I stopped as it seems to be similar like the old MBR issues with earlier microsoft distros which I hoped was a thing of the past but seemingly not.


      Did anyone successfully load XP on this motherboard specifically after receiving the same trouble as in (2) above, and if so, how did you solve it.

      Alternatively if XP cannot run on this motherboard please let me know.