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      New build using DZ68BC,Sandy bridge i5 2550K

      Does 1600 speed memory work with 2nd generation configuration or is this1600 memory for the Ivy Bridge?

      What suggestions does anyone have for memory for Sandy Bridge configuration.


      Thanks In Advance

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          A good 1600 memory set should work. 1600 is above the "normal" spec, but most memory kits have a build in xmp profile for it. Manual configuration is also possible. You can even try higher, 1833 for example. My memory kit with this board and a i7 2600K does 1600 but fails to boot with 1833. My advice would be to run a memory test tool during the night to see if the setting is stable (there are many free tools available).

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            What type of memory do you have install I am considering Corsair

            Also what version of bios is installed

            Thank You for your reply

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              I have 4 * 4G Corsair CML16GX3M4A1600C9.

              My bios version is 0039. If your on 0028 then I suggest first to read the posts on this forum about the 003x BIOS revisions, many people are having problems with the 003x revisions (including me) 

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                Only keep in mind that running the memory higher than 1333MHz will run the memory controller on the processor out of specifications and may damage it.



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                  Thanks for your replies.

                  I did keep in mind concerning the memory speed and purchased the Corsair XMS3,CML8GX3M2A1333C9

                  This will be my Configuration

                  DZ68BC Extreme Series

                  i5 2550K

                  Corsair 650W Power Supply

                  Hoping once assembled it will run,will post progress or problems when started