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    XTU fails to set turbo-ratio limits


      It lets me try to set the turbo multipliers (sandy bridge), but after restarting, I get a message from XTU saying that it could not apply the multipliers.


      Everything else I've tried to change works. I have successfully changed BCLK, power limits, memory frequency, memory timings. Many other option such as voltages and GPU clocks are available too, but I haven't touched them.


      There are possible issues that may be related to this problem. One is that the CPU is an ES. The CPU doesn't even have a proper name, and reports itself as "CPU 0". Another thing is that I'm currently experiencing a bug where the CPU is misreporting its power draw whenever there is GPU activity. (I will link an additional thread explaining this issue after this.)


      screenshot links:

      CPU info


      XTU manual tuning page


      XTU failing to set multipliers


      Laptop is a Clevo P150EM with P170EM bios and a modified ME FW to allow BCLK overclocking. Chipset is HM77.


      Thanks for reading.