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    What being done about x79 problems?


      It should read in capital letters on intels x79 chipset motherboards that RAID mode isn't compatible with solid state disks and that Smart Response Tech will never be available. The mere fact that this is completely overlooked in all of Intels support documentation is worrying. What's Intels official stance about the poor state of x79 chipset drivers?

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          I must amend the statement above to read: "Intels x79 chipset in RAID mode seems incompatible with Windows 8 or Server 2012". During my testing it has worked much betten even with SSD's featuring SandForce controllers in AHCI mode or under Windows 7. Once you install the RSTe RAID driver under Windows 8, you can no longer make RAID arrays or use the SSD Toolbox (safely). You may also see that Win8 doesn't recognize SSD's as such but as harddrives instead. That's what Win8 says anyway. I guess it means the drive doesn't get TRIM'ed?


          It seems intel wants to pair up the coming Ivy-Bridge E CPU with the X79 chipset. I don't think thats a wise decision. Now it doesn't even feature RAID on contemporary platforms? Not unless you use Microsofts software RAID of course. But that is not a high end solution performancewise.

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            Hello Mjoelner,


            I understand you are having problems with the x79 Chipset and the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.


            Based on the information from our side and information available in the Intel® website, the x79 Chipset is compatible with the RAID mode, Intel® Rapid Storage Technology or the acceleration feature. You can check the information in the following link:




            Also, you may refer to the x79 Chipset Data Sheet under page 158. Please check the following link for your reference:




            Note that the x79 Chipset, is also compatible with Windows* 8 and we have drivers available for Intel® desktop motherboards for this specific operating system; however, I am afraid that Windows* Server 2012 may not work properly on this chipset since that operating system it is intended for Server units only.


            The following link contains also more information about the compatibility between the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and the Intel® supported chipsets:




            It is very important to mention that this Chipset supports the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology; however, we have encountered some issues when loading the F6 drivers. So we suggest loading the drivers through the SlipStream process. This is will be the way to load the F6 drivers on this chipset.