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    Have wireless but no internet help!!!

      I have a dell Studio xps laptop with windows vist (64 bit) and a intel WiFi link 5100AGN with driver and it will connect to any wireless network I can get to but it will not get internet through them.  The Weirdist part is that if i hook up a wired connection than it will get internet throught that.  This happens on multiple networks that i have never had an issue with before and i had not changed any software or hardware when this occured any help would be appreciated!




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          I think it is a issue between Microsoft wireless management and the wireless card's default setting...which is" I will start up everytime you turn on your computer, I will manage the connection, I will put icons in your quick start tray and check for updates constantly.

          Try going to msconfig  / startup... and un-checking anything that has to do with anything wireless..you dont need the program to be running at computer start. I I have only my anti-virus program checked). Then restart. Using "Classic view"Go to :Start/Settings/Network connections/Right click on your wireless connection..(repair is nice).and check out some of those options. You need to get it where Windows manages the connection. That was a conflict I experienced..and Windows was much better (to me) and got auto-updates. I vote the issue is between the wireless software and windows software as to who is in control here.