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    WinToFlash: Make a Bootable USB Installer for Windows


      I am not sure into which market Intel hopes to flog the NUC but it’s apparently not to 81 year old punters like me. I have watched multiple videos on how to set up the NUC but after some excellent screwdriver work and the hardware inserted the narrator inevitably says   “now all you have to do is install the OS”. Right.

      I have looked a various web sites on how to create a bootable flash drive but I either didn’t understand totally or didn’t totally understand.

      I found this WinToFlash program http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SwZDboRv6U by which I was able to easily create a bootable USB drive. The little grey cells were not taxed.

      Once Haswell is out I will buy a NUC with or without an OS. The PC I intended to boot too so as to insure that I did have an OS that was bootable went south. Would /could anyone tell me if I could possibly have a drive which would actually boot an OS onto the NUC? That is, is  WinToFlash any good.?


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          The easiest and most reliable way to install any OS(including Windows) is to buy a cheap USB DVD drive.   You can buy them from an online retailer for <$40 or even cheaper.    Most large software packages are still typically sold on a DVD or CD so it's good to have one of these around for emergencies anyway.  You connect it up, install Windows just like you would any other PC, then put the drive somewhere safe.   No need to take up desk space.


          Windows Vista and beyond is relatively easy to make a USB flash driver installer, but you almost have to use the command prompt.   The general steps are to use diskpart to create an "active" FAT32 partition and xcopy all the files from the CD onto the flash drive.


          Ubuntu is tricky to create the installer unless you already have a Ubuntu PC available.   If you do Ubuntu has a utility that you can run to create the flash drive installer.   Otherwise, the recommended method is to burn a CD with the Ubuntu installer and use a USB DVD drive to install with.


          Hope this helps.

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            Spooky, which OS do you wish to install on your NUC?


            It should not be necessary to use third party software to make a Windows 7 installer USB stick.  If you have an ISO image of a Windows 7 installation DVD available, then you can use a utility provided by Microsoft to prepare a USB stick.

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              Will try to install windows XP from a Reinstallation CD. CD is from a computer that went south. I believe I have created a bootable USB ( flash) drive by using the program on this site. "wintoflash.com". I will try it out on an old ME when I get home in about a month. Thanks

              The wintoflash program is very simple, now if it only works?

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                >>The wintoflash program is very simple<<

                From winflash.com download and open winflash, mine was found in Docuements. Click WintoFlash. Click next and windows file path will appear. Select from D:\   to E:\  and hit next and your transfer will start provided you have proper disk and flash installed

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                  Ready for NUC:

                  I have a  USB key on a flash drive  created with Ubuntu Linux Live USB .

                  I have a flash drive with Windows 7 Reinstallation DVD created with WinToFlash.

                  I have a flash drive with Windows 8 Pro upgrade from Microsoft. If I go with this first I may have to double clutch it.

                  Now I'm waiting for Haswell. No hurry I'm enjoying the build.