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    DZ77SL-50K random reboots when using HD4000 video

    Rodrigo Martinho



      I have just build a new PC with this configuration:


      - DZ77SL-50K motherboard;

      - i5-3570K processor;

      - Intel 330 SSD;

      - 2 x 4GB Patriot memory (PC3-12800 CL9 Memory Kit - PVI38G160C9K);

      - Corsair CX500 PSU;

      - Sony DVD.


      After Windows 7 install, in first time using the PC, system rebooted. It is randomly rebooting after a short time after boot (about 20 sec to 2 min after boot). That happens even if I do nothing in it, and happens also with a live Linux boot. It also happens with minimal configuration (no SSD, just DVD drive for a live Linux boot and only one memory stick). BIOS update didn't solve the problem.


      I installed a PCI video card and problem stopped. I am writing this in this PC, which is working with a Linux install for about 1 hour without any reboot.


      Since problem shouldn't be with the processor, that leads me to think the problem is with the motherboard.


      Any clue about a solution? Should I RMA the board?


      I will install Windows 7 now and see if it also works with the PCI video card.


      Thanks in advance for any help,


      Rodrigo Martinho.