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    965 Express Graphics under Win 8 : Intel's zipped Win 7 x64 driver pack does work


      This is a follow-up on my original thread:

      Older integrated graphics drivers for Windows 8 : we need them


      So after clean-reinstalling (again) Win 8 on my 965-express equipped laptop, since the driver installer didn't work I just went ahead and downloaded the official zipped Win 7 x64 drivers version ( from the Download Center, which is still the latest at the time I'm writing this. I just installed it using the good ol' Windows '95-era driver installation method : the "Have a disk" method.


      And it worked.


      GPU Caps Viewer reports OpenGL 2.0, most 2.1 demos work; it BSOD'ed on "Furry Cube" but hey, at this point I can't really complain.


      It even installed the tray icon utility just as it did on previous Win releases, and I'm not getting popups at logon as others have had. Multi-monitor using the built-in display and an external 1920x1080 works beautifully.


      At this point I wonder why this isn't written in bold all over the Win 8 Intel Graphics support FAQ !!!

      Would surely save a lot of headaches !!!



      For those who have never used the Have-a-disk method :


      1- Extract the driver package.

      2- In the Management console go in the Device Manager (or right click the Computer icon on the desktop go in Properties then the Device Manager links on the left).

      3- Right-click the adapter under Display Adapters, go into Properties, click "Update Driver" then "Browse my computer for driver software", "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" then "Have a disk".

      4- Browse to the location where you extracted the zipped driver package, inside that there's the "Graphics" folder, and select "igdlh64.inf".