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    New Fujitsu AH532/Win7 Centrino 2230 gets no or unusable signal


      I recently got Fujitsu AH532 laptop with Centrino 2230 NIC. Even if I stand beside the AP, I never get full signal. If I try to use it than, the connection drops and is generally unusable. I've tried it with several accesspoints with the same results. If I walk further from the AP, I get no connection whatsoever.

      If i plug cheap $5 802.11n USB stick from eBay, I get full signal and eventually really long rage.


      I've heard about a guy with his AH532 having antenna disconnected from the factory, but it isn't my case.

      There is a black antenna connected to "Main 1" and a gray one connected to "Aux 2". I've disconnected and reconnected them just to make sure there isn't a bad contact. It didn't help.

      Anybody has idea, if the cables shouldn't be connected in the opposite order? I've read quite a lot from people having the same kind of trouble with this NIC in this forum.


      What to do? I am sure the problem isn't in my Accesspoints. I have turned off powersaving features for the adapter.


      I have the most recent drivers from Intel's site,