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    DH77KC using too much power?


      System here is a DH77KC Board, BIOS v 107, i5-3570 CPU.


      With one SATA HDD the system ist using about 38 Watts in Windows Desktop Idle.


      I wonder if that is an acceptable value.


      From a trustworthy computer magazine (german c't) I got the information that one should enable C1E State (Enhanced Halt State?) in BIOS, but I cannot find such an option.


      In Visual BIOS I find the following options that seem interesting:

      - Advanced / Power / Primary Settings:Intel Dynamic Power Technology: But here, it seems, using the "custom" option, I can only switch EIST completely off

      - Processor Power Efficient Poliy: Options here are High Performance, Balanced and Low, but make no difference in Windows DT Idle power consumption.


      Looking up the BIOS Glossary did not help me


      thanks for advice,