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    Setting Passwords in ME BIOS Ext V7


      Hello -


      I'm one of those who (sometimes) knows enough to be dangerous with a computer, but not enough to truly understand all that I do.  I know what I need done, but don't always know how to go about.  My question is:


      How do I set up one or two passwords in the BIOS so those passwords have to be entered as the computer is started?


      Example - on my old Acer Extensa 4200, I had to enter a password to unlock the hard drive, and another to unlock something else, before it would start to load Windows.  Then there was the usual password to access a user account in Windows.


      Now I have an Asus B43 Pro, upgraded to Win 8.  It has Intel Management Engine BIOS Ext. v7.0.0.0047, and Intel ME v7.0.10.1203.  Where would I find the BIOS settings to enable the above-noted passwords?


      Thanks for helping keep me a bit dangerous!