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    DX58OG boots into BIOS but that's all

    Tim C

      I'm just building this system, and have never seen it go past the BIOS setup. I have reset the BIOS defaults, but on the reboot, the diag LEDs hang on 68, then it reboots itself and I get a message that says:

      The system BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s).

      Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS Performance options or recent hardware changes.

      Press 'Y' to enter BIOS Setup or press 'N' to cancel and attempt to boot with previous settings.


      When I'm in the BIOS I can monitor the fan speeds, temps and voltages, but I haven't figured out how to get out of that boot/reboot loop. Resetting BIOS defaults does not change the behavior.


      When I removed memory one stick at a time, I got the 3 beep beep-code even with just one stick and no beep-code with all 6 sticks.


      DX58OG AA G10926-203

      BIOS Version 0876 08/24/2011 SOX5820J.86A.0876.2011.0824.0021

      Core i-7 920

      DDR3-1066 6x2GB Samsung M378B5673DZ1-CF8 .

      BIOS reports all 6 memory slots have 2GB for a total of 12GB.

      Seagate ST500DM002 which I formatted on another system.

      Lite-on DVD/CD RW iHAS422-08 which I have also tested on another system.

      The CPU heatsink is an Intel Core i7 950 heatsink.

      The only things connected to the mobo are front and rear 4-pin Arctic F12PWM fans.


      System Identification Info (from BIOS)

      Processor Signature 000106A4

      Microcode Update Revision 0011


      Any ideas what to do next?

      Any other info you might need?




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          Tim C

          Got it running ! After posting my question on Friday, I unplugged power, pulled out the battery, and left the office. Came in today (3 days later), put in the battery, booted up, set the time in BIOS, restarted and it booted the Win7 Pro installation DVD. Formatted the hard drive and it's installing WindUps now, so we'll see.