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    Mushkin 480GB MKNSSDAT480GB


      I just wanted to post and say that I have installed Windows 7 on an DC3217IYE with a Mushkin MKNSSDAT480GB and it seems to work fine. With this kind of storage we have a viable lightweight developer workstation.


      I haven't done any real-word load testing yet so I can't say if there will be any thermal issues (the Mushkin is rated to draw up to 1.1 amps). I've included a screenshot of AS SSD results (the drive isn't encrypted yet).

      100_0110 - Copy.JPG

      AS SSD.png


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          Thermal issues would be rare since the included processor is designed for low thermal dissipation and the SSDs usually require less power and produce less heat than a standard mechanical drive.

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            Hi, yes - even though I'm not doing any formal benchmarking/thermal testing, I find that the system works with no problems even after sustained activity (scripted installs of development environment, many tools, high CPU and disk utilization for > 2 hours).


            I'm using it day to day now with dual 21" HDMI to DVI connections and it works quite well. If I have time I will try it with a pure HDMI connection to a 30 WQXGA (2560x1600) panel.