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    Slow Intel Pro/Wireless 3945abg performance

      I am having a problem with network performance using this network connection.


      I can browse folders easily and quickly on my ReadyNAS, but whenever I try and view the contents of a media folder (photo's particularly) it takes forever (and I mean that, I end up giving up after 10 minutes) to display the thumbnails.


      Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1520

      Wireless: G, WPA-Mixed

      OS: Vista Home Premium SP1

      Gateway: Linksys WAG200G


      For a long time I thought it was Vista, however today I tried plugging it into a wired port, and the performance immediately becomes normal. As soon as I go back to wireless, the problem reappears.


      I have tried:

      1. Updating the drivers to the latest from Intel
      2. Updating the router firmware to latest level
      3. Doing the same tasks from a Windows XP machine also connected wirelessly

      Another symptom is that when playing music (also stored on the NAS) playback often stops and starts. Network load never rises above 1%.


      I don't however seem to have capacity issues when simply surfing the web. Page loads and downloads are at good speed. The same music can be played with no problems to the DLNA TV or via PS3 although they are wired. This should prove though that it is not the NAS.


      There are loads of hints that it is vista but I have tried the solutons provided such as turning throttling off. Given the problem isn't present when using the wired connection I can onnly presume it is the wireless card.


      Has anyone else had problems with this chipset and Vista? I'm at my wits end....