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    DX79SR will not boot, Beep code 3 when RAM in slot 4


      I am trying to build a fast solid photo editing workstation around a DX79SR / i7 3930K using G.Skill's RAM designed for this MB - F3-12800CL 10Q2 64GBZL. The first problem is the PC will not boot with RAM in slot 4 (Blue slot DDIM 4). I have tried all of the RAM sticks in slots 1 to 3 and they all work until I put one in slot 4 and get a 3-beep code.


      When the system did boot, with only 3 RAM skicks installed, it did so very slowly and now it just hangs before the OS loads. At code at 58 it would hang for 1-2 min., at 5A (blue drive LED flashes) for 1-2 min. and at 5B for 4-5 min. Then it just stoped at 5B. Now it never gets past 5A. This is with only the video card and the LSI are installed. When it did install the OS (Windows 7-64 Pro) I was able to install the DX79SR drivers from the DVD, the video driver from its DVD, and reactivate some Microsoft applications.


      With the LSI controller removed, a new SATA drive installed on one SATA-2 port and a DVD on another with the Windows install disk, it still only gets to 5A, sometimes 5B.


      Ideas?   Cal