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    No audio devices over HDMI

    Shane Robinson



      I just purchased an Intel NUC DC3217IYE along with 16 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD (crucial).  I have installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Pro and all of the intel NUC drivers from the intel site.  I have a digital reciever (5.1 channel) on the output of one of the HDMI ports.  A 23" lcd is then hooked up on the output of the digital receiver.  I am unable to get sound to work.  No devices are present in the sound area of the control panel.  I ahve tried showing disabled devices and still no luck.  In device manager the "intel(R) Display Audio" shows up fine.




      The other thing I tried  was using the default windows 7 audio drivers instead of the intel ones.  With this driver both HDMI audio outputs show up in the sound control panel but always show as unplugged.


      Is there any known HDMI compatibility issues with digitial recievers that I should be aware of?  Shouldn't the ports show up in the window above even when disconnected with the stock intel drivers?


      Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.  I have done a bunch of reserach trying to find other people with the same problem and have tried several different drivers.  I am about ready to throw this thing out the window.


      Cheers, Shane

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          Hello Shane,


          What happens if you bypass the 5.1 receiver and plug the DC3217IYE directly into the monitor instead - do you get audio then? If so, you might need to check for firmware updates for the receiver.  What model receiver are you using?



          Lois H.


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            Shane Robinson



            Thanks for the reply.  I did a bit more trouble shooting and I think I figured out the problem.  I took the NUC to work and plugged it into the TV there and the audio worked fine and showed up in the control panel.


            I did a bit more reading on the receiver and it only passes through HDMI and does not decode it.  So the receiver is at fault.  Unfortunately I don't want to replace the receiver because of the $$$ but I did find a USB to analog Audio converter for $20 that will solve the problem and allow me to pass sound through to the receiver. 


            For your info the receiver is Harman Kardon AVR 134.


            For the next model NUC's I would suggest adding at least one other Audio option.  I run a company with about 25 staff and would love to use these for all of the users that don't need dedicated graphics cards.  I guess I will need to add a $20 adapter to each build to allow for some small desktop speakers for things like VOIP phones (ringing). 


            Also more then 3 USB's would be great.  I have added an adapter to increase the count.  I have the following plugged in for reference:


            1.) web cam

            2.) external media 2.5" 1 Gig drive

            3.) wireless mouse and keyboard

            4.) Headset for skype

            5.) Spare for thumb drive


            Just some food for thought.  Otherwise a great little computer.


            Cheers, Shane

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              check on ebay.  you should be able to find usb to audio adapters for just a couple of dollars.



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                Another possibility is to use an analog to digital HDMI audio extractor. They are more expensive but don't have to use a USB port, even if most are USB powered you can run them off of a phone charger (500ma).


                They can be found for as little as $35 depending on output connections, make sure you get the right outputs (analog RCA, analog 3.5mm jack, etc).


                Please mark the question as Answered since I think you found the answer yourself. :-)

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