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    510 SSD Sudden Failure?


      I have an Intel 510 120GB I bought about 20 months ago.  I use it primarily to house my Windows 7 install, and the occasional game. 


      Last night, I watched it install some Windows updates right as I turned it off and went to bed.  Today, I could not boot it back up.  Windows Recovery can't even see the drive, so I plugged it in to another working system and ran the SSD Toolbox on it.  That showed me that the drive had 0% Estimated Life Remaining, and a Drive Health in the yellow.  Under SMART Details, E8 "Available Reserved Space" is red, reading Raw 0, Normal 0, and Threshold 10, with a message saying "Contact your reseller or local Intel representative for assistance."


      If I go to Quick Diagnostic Scan or Full Diagnostic Scan, the Data Integrity line reads "The selected Intel SSD has no partition."


      Has anyone else experienced a problem like this?  Did the Windows update somehow brick my SSD or did the drive just reach its end of life?  This seems rather soon since I don't use this drive for any heavy lifting, and it hasn't even been two years since I've had the drive.