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    DX58SO boot problem after overclock


      I have had some good success with overclocking my 920 on this board.  I can make some small adjustments to the base clock, and some small adjustments to the voltages, and get really stable results.  After making changes in the bios, I restart the computer and run programs, games, and benchmarks to check if it works ok - and it does work ok.  I can even restart the computer, and no problems.  Everything runs great, very stable.


      . . . my only problem comes when I actually power the computer down.  If I do that, then it has trouble POSTing when I try to power it up again.  It will hang before I get the screen up.  I have learned that if I switch off the PSU during this failed POST, and then back on, it usually works to get it to post when I try again.  It may take a few tries, but shutting off the PSU (as opposed to using the power or restart switches on the front of the computer) seems to do the trick, and eventually I can get it to start.  I figured that it was starting because it was loading default BIOS settings, but it actually boots up with my modified settings.  Once again, everything runs great - until I actually power it down again.  I read an early review of this board and they seemed to have the same problem.  They said that any change to the base clock rendered the computer unable to POST.  So I know that someone else has had this problem, but I can't seem to find anyone else in the forums who has discussed this (although I haven't looked all that long).


      So has anyone else had this problem?  Found a better solution?  I'm concerned that my fix may stop working for me, so I've stopped trying to overclock until I can get some help.





      i7 920

      EVGA Nvidia 280GTX

      6 GB RAM (OCZ 1600 3x2GB)

      Antec 850 Watt PS