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    Necesito informacion sobre el rendimiento del Intel Pentium G645


      Hi first of all say that I am new here and I am proud to participate in this community and I hope to help me. I'm Cuban and I have infomed and thank God that I have access to this page because this severely restricted sight here buy a pentium featuring which is socket 1155 and need to know if it is better than the dualcore E5800 or the core 2 duo E7500 is that my module is socket 1155 and I have a P8h61MLX or supports Sandy briedge and need to know if anyone you has echo the benchmark the cpu and if so what camparta with me and tell me if it is better than those micros that I put there if not for sale so my module and buy me a socket 775 with one of those microphones answer me soon to find out that I do thanks before hand.