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    DG33FB and VT


      I have a DG33FB motherboard and E8400 processor. I do know that the processor supports VT however I am unable to locate the setting in BIOS of my mainboard to enable VT. Most of the documents on internet are suggesting to check it in Security menu of BIOS but I dont see anything like VT or related stuff there. Can anybody help please?





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          Hi there,


          Please refer to my last post:



          I have checked in the TPS of the motherboard, unfortunately there is nothing that mentions about VT.



          Usually, it is found in the Menu Security.


          As a precaution, I have checked also in the release notes of the BIOS.



          In the Bios Version 0437, it states something on Intel VT.


          As a test, you can try this bios version and see if it works at least.


          Let me know as well.


          Please notes that the release notes is for these boards:

          DP35DP, DG33TL, DG33BU, DG33FB


          So only by trying these different BIOS version that you will get the answer and confirmation.


          Best Advice for BIOS Update or DOwngrade: Use the Recovery Method or Iflash Method


          Hope this heps a bit.


          See attached picture.


          Kind Regards,



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            Thanks much for your answer, Aryan. I sold that thing off today morning and bought a new DP45SG now. Yet not sure if that supports VT but according to what I read on internet, it does. It would be great if you can comment on this new board as well. The only thing I did not like is missing graphics card.. I had to buy that as well.. unnecceary wastage of money LOL..



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              Thanks for your reply, Aryan. I sold that thing off today morning. and bought a new DP45SG I could not start my machine with it since I have bought it because I forgot to buy a graphics card I checked TPS for DP45SG as well and seems like it does not have option to enable VT either. I very confused with Intel official documents at this moment. Isnt there a single high desktop board which has that option available? I am keeping my fingers crossed till I get my new graphics card tomorrow. Hopefully, my 8K do not go waste with this purchase..


              Can you please comment and suggest? Thanks in advance for your help.



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                Hi there,


                I have checked in the TPS and BIOS Release Notes, there is nothing mentionned on the Intel VT.


                The best thing to do is to test it right in the shop where you are buying it. Just to be 100% sure about it.


                I am 100% sure that the two boards DQ45CB and DQ45EK supports Intel VT due to the fact that it is an AMT and a VPRO capable machine.


                For DP45SG, i am not sure if it does support it.


                Kind Regards,