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    New Intel Server with no keyboard, no internet access and very loud fans.




      I recently bought my first server and I have several problems with it. After a day, I am running out of ideas what to do, so I would really be happy if someone could point me to the right direction.


      1) When I turn the server on, the fans run at full speed. I have to fix this, as it is really annoying in the office.

      2) When I try to install the Intel Active System Console (ASC_x64.exe) on a Win 7 64 bit ultimate pc, to configure the server and its loud fans from the outside, I get the error message "You are attempting to perform an install on an unsupported system. Please review the documentation for more information. This install will not continue.". I already turned off UAC.

      3) When I try to download updates from intel.com using the Intel Deployment Assistant, I get the alert: "(Fatal error: 406 Not Acceptable (Not Acceptable)".

      4) The Deployment Assistant does not recognize any of my two USB-keyboards. I can only use options that are accessible with the mouse. The keyboards do work in BIOS.


      I was able to fix a fourth problem where my monitor showed "Input Signal Out of Range" after starting the IDA by using an older Monitor.


      I am using the following hardware:


      Intel Barebone P4308CP4MHGC

      Intel Xeon e5 2620 (1x)

      32GB RAM KVR13R9D4K4/32I

      BluRay Burner BH10LS38


      It would be very nice if someone could help me with this.