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    DQ77KB PCIe Not Polpulated


      Hi there/


      There is an issue with Intel DQ77KB mobo.

      I can't make my DVB-S expansion card running. I'm using latest available bios 49 (tried default settings) and have tested two different cards:

      1. SkyStar 2 eXpress HD

      2. TeVii S471 DVB-S2 PCIe

      Both cards are running well on other platforms but not on DQ77KB

      I know that same issue is very common for intel boards Re: Intel DH77EB - Problem with KNC TV-Station DVB-S2 Twin Card & 23.976 hz

      Is there any advice to solve this problem other then sending mobo back to store.

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          We would like to inform you that it is very possible this is a compatibility issue with this device. Our recommendation is making sure you have the latest firmware update for the card and test a different PCI Express* device to narrow the issue properly as defective PCI Express* slot or compatibility. We also suggest contacting the device manufacturer for information on any known issue with this product.


          Intel will stand behind its products but we cannot guarantee compatibility with any and every other product available on the market.