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    Intel DH77KC cpu fan spins up in standby


      I have an Intel DH77KC  (H77 chipset) with an i5 processor and my cpu fan spins up to high speed periodically while the computer is in standby.  It's very loud and annoying!   Anyone know how to make this stop?


      I have not enabled hibernate, but I still expect the cpu fan to remain off (or at least at low speed) while in standby.  In case it matters, I have an SSD as the only hard drive.





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          My first thought would be it could have something to do with "Intel Smart Connect Technology" (added in BIOS 0107). I have no experience with that, but would expect such a behavior if something is not or not properly configured.

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            Hello Scott, are you using the latest BIOS? Make sure that you do and also enable hibernation, the problem that you are experiencing has not been reported in our database and may be caused by a device that is trying to start-up the system or creating usage of the processor making it over heat with the fan off so the system turns on at high speed to cool it down.



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              Does it ramp up to full speed for a moment, or stay on?


              Several of us have found a quirk with one of two fans which Intel has been shipping with i5s and that is that it ramps up to full speed when power is first applied to it even though the motherboard does not call for full speed.  Its an annoying quirk of the fan and has nothing to do with the mainboard.


              That said, if that is the sound you are hearing, then for some reason something is waking the board, something which ordinarily might go unnoticed, with with that particular fan will drive you up the wall.