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    Bios not saving changes


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      My BIOs not saving the changes. RAM not giving beep sound. If we move the sata cable or RAM plug-in plug-out sometime it starts working but after one or two day again same msg of can not load .... or can't install or boot failure.


      My Hardware engineer says It is the problem of motherboard.

      Then how sometime it works sometime not....


      He said I need to send it to Intel service centre, which is not in Delhi.... It will come back after one month and I will have to pay one side courier charge.


      Pleeeeeeese Help US

      Save us... from such Hardware engineer's

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          This does indeed sounds like a defect motherboard, but maybe there is another explanation like defect RAM or empty battery.


          You can try to test your RAM by using Memtest86, when you boot from this program, it tests your memory for errors. If errors are detected, you might need to change your RAM.


          BIOSses that forget changed mostly appear from depleted batteries. You can replace the battery on your motherboard for a new one.


          If both options do not work I suggest you return the motherboard to the place where you bought it, I think they have to accept it and make sure it is sent to Intel.


          Good luck!


          Greetings from the Netherlands

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            This type of problem mostly happens when the motherboard battery has depleted and since the BIOS was not running on default settings, everytime the system starts it will load the default settings as the battery has 'died' hence it cannot keep the changes made it bios earlier, thus the system made not be stable.


            I would recommend that you change the battery and also make sure that you are using compatible components on the board.


            If the above procedure does not solve the issue at all, thet you may try to update the BIOS appropriately.