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    System Setup with Intel 520


      Hi guys,

      I'm new here and first time poster.  I had a look around before asking, but I was unable to locate relevant discussions.


      Here is my problem with my new pc: i7-3770, gigabyte ga-z77p-d3 v1.1, 16GB and an Intel 520 SSD as boot device, 2TB HDD for data.  I installed Win7 x64.


      Now the problem, I ran AS SSD which gives me "pciide-bad" notice, which as I understand means that the SSD is not working in AHCI mode.  I'm sure my bios setup says AHCI under SATA Mode. Is this a BIOS setup problem? What would you recommend?


      Another strange thing is that HD Tune actually reads the drive as SATA2 working at UDMA 5 rather than 6.


      Can you suggest any BIOS setup to optimize the performance of the SSD?


      Thanks for reading,