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    Multiple issues when waking from sleep

    x t



      I've got a DC3217IYE with Win8 Pro, and I encountered many problems when waking from sleep. Most of the time, it is graphics related, as my TV stays black. The HDMI cable is connected to my AV receiver, and so audio/video may either be handled by the receiver (if it is on), or by the TV (receiver off, in HDMI pass-through mode). Id say it happens mostly when the NUC went to sleep in one config (eg receiver), and I wake it up in another (eg TV). THen there is nothing I can do besides a hard reboot. Annoying, especially since none of my other devices suffer from the problem (aTV, Bluray...). I cant figure out what the cause could be, graphics drivers or Windows itself. Any tips or ideas would be more than welcome.


      Other times, graphics are fine when waking up, but sound is disabled in windows 8. Similarly, sometimes its the network that is disabled (wired, I have no wifi card installed). For both of them, a simple reboot fixes the issue, but its quite an annoyance. Again, advices more than welcome.


      Overall, great little computer, but few irritating issues.