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    82579v gigabit ethernet controller




      im posting here out of complete frustration as this ethernet card refuses to work correctly.



      I have an asus sabertooth z77 board


      connection is wired via BT Homehub 3.0


      Upon cold startup no connection is detected and i get an error stating "hardware or driver issue"


      Now i have read a few threads and have tried updating/downgrading BIOS


      Fresh install of NIC drivers


      Install NVRAM utility


      and updating intel ME

      also checking power managment settings on the controller.



      Nothing works!!


      I have to disable/enable the device in device manager for it to work again.


      From a restart there are no issues


      any advice is great as at the minute im sick and  tired of trying

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          I have exactly the same problem on the asus p8z77-pro v board...


          tried all recent intel drivers, flash update, bios updates.. no go.


          looked everywhere. finally ordered a pci-e nic which is ridiculous but im so sick of have to disable and enable the device on every cold boot.   Still want it fixed though, was not a cheap motherboard and went with it because it had an intel chipset!!