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    Activate Intel vpro with multiple landesk core servers, Zero-Touch method (delayed)

    salva gomez

      Hi all,

      we want activate vpro with certificate ZeroTouch in the next escenario:

      four landesk core servers in the same domain, thousands of devices distributed in these four landesk servers,

      all devices have the landesk agent. We have not dns register "proviionserver" .

      I have read this:


      and this from intel vpro sdk:




      Readind these documents, landesk agent comunicate with intel amt through Management engine interface driver, no actions is requiered, the landesk console comunicate with landesk agent in computer with intel amt, landeks agent comunicate with intel amt , open amt network interface and starts sending hello packets to activate vpro...

      In this point I have some questions,  as you know we have four landesk servers, and we don't have dns register "provisionserver",

      when intel amt send hello packets because landesk agent ask to start configuration,

      so,  ¿What server will receive the "hello"  package?

      I suppose that if I have computer1 with landesk agent from server1, the intel amt of computer1 will send the ´"hello" packet to server1 and this server will configure intel vpro in computer1.

      If computter23 has landesk agent from server4, computer23 will send "hello" packet to server4,....

      and so on with all devices, depends where device have landesk agent from, they will send "helo" packet to their landesk server..

      Is correct my supose? will do vpro activation in this way?  Thanks very muck for you time.