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    Memory Choice - is it dangerous?

      I am building a new PC, and have a stack of components sat in my room waiting to be assembled.  I was happy with my purchases, until I read some small print on the ASUS motherboard website.


      I have an ASUS P6T, Intel i7 720 CPU and OCZ Platinum memory (2 x 1GB).  The first concern is that I was going to buy a third stick of OCZ DDR3 to give me a triple config to the 3 GB max imposed by Windows 32bit, but the memory list says I can only fit 2, why?  However, more worryingly, although the memory is on the approved vendor list for the motherboard, it runs at 1.9v, and there is a small print warning that over 1.65v can lead to permanent CPU damage.


      Not wishing to blow up a very expensive CPU, can anybody give me advice on whether the memory is safe to use?  Why does it say that I cannot use a triple memory config?  I am confused.