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    GM965 Express Chipset with T8300 - thermal sensing error



      I just updated my laptop processor from a Celeron 540 (Merom) to a T8300 (Penryn) and everything looks ok, except in the boot it shows a message "thermal sensing error". My chipset is M965 Express.


      Is there any problem with this?


      Is there any way to remove this message in the boot? (it is very anoying, because it beeps and forces me to press ESC)



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      Simao Rio

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          I would suggest that you check with the system manufacturer to see if a BIOS update is required for your system to use the Core 2 Duo T8300 instead of the Celeron 540. It may well be that a particular BIOS version is required for use with the T8300, and if so, applying the given BIOS will be needed to eliminate the beeps you hear and the error messages you see upon bootup.


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          Intel Customer Support
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