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    Linux GMA3600 xorg Drivers

    Seymore Butts

        Dear Intel,


      Is there any update on the status of this, specifically on Ubuntu? I want to encourage people to use your products, but right now I'm telling people to avoid them like the plague, solely based on the way Intel has been so unresponsive on this issue. Please get with the program.



      Best Regards

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          You can get Cedarview working on Ubuntu 12.04 :-




          But it's still not a fully usable driver unfortunately, vaapi h/w video decoding works, but 3D isn't stable yet.

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            Hi Seymore Butts and powerarmour,


            What happens is that the Linux drivers and support are provided by the Linux Community.  You can check this link for more information http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-010512.htm



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              Yes thanks Fred, my grandmother has just learned a new way to suck an egg

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                Linux can support as far as the sources are provided.

                Please release the sources...

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                  Dear Intel,

                  As your long-time supporter, client, and fan, I have a huge favour to ask to you.

                  This is not new for you, i know … a lot of other people asked the same before, but, as a fan of all the work and innovation that you've doing until so far, i have to ask you again.


                  Could you please, release the source code of the GMA 3600 video drivers, for Linux distros?

                  Or, at least consider, in including them in the next version of the Intel Graphics Installer?

                  Until now, i was using my laptop with my favourite distro, running the provided drivers.

                  I must share with you, that my little notebook, is packed with the Atom N2600 CPU, and it still runs wonderfully well ... so well, that this is my mate for all my work, and leisure activities.
                  And i've shared with so many people across the globe, how great it was to have an "Intel Atom Inside", and fully supported by my favourite linux distro, that i've lost the count, of how many things this topic surged.

                  So far, i was running and older version of "my" distro, but i had to evolve due to security reasons. It was no longer safe, to do my work, surf the web, check my bank account, etc, with all this outdated software.


                  Since you dropped the support for these chipset under the Linux community, a gap was created, and it's still here ... almost after 3 years.


                  You've doing such an amazing job in the 01.org programme, that not including these Atom processors in the Intel Graphics Installer, is almost a sin.

                  I understand that this request, is not a "sexy" or trendy request, and therefore, you cannot fully devote your efforts into it, but please, please, please, consider in releasing the source code, to the Linux community.


                  We will do marvels with it ... we always do!


                  Just imagine, how many computers were packed with these beautifull chipsets are around the globe waiting to "unleash" all their power, and continue to amaze their users (just like me)?

                  Just think about it ... I really think that this can be a Win-Win situation:

                  1) You pleased your customers (very much),

                  2) And reinforced the bonds with the Linux (and Open Source) Communities.


                  I know that my hardware, is a little bit "old", specially if we have in mind the Mr. More's law, but in a society that values the "Eco Values", the “Green methodology”, the reuse approach, this could be the perfect opportunity for it.


                  In fact, you could even release the source code, of all the other chipsets that aren't "officially supported" by you, to the communitie, in order to extend the hardware life, just a little bit.

                  Could you please think about it?



                  Many thanks for your time, and consideration (and all the wonderfull products that you've doing so far ...)

                  Trully yours,