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    Accidently Created Volume/Array




      I am looking for some assistance regarding a recently installed 1TB drive that I installed into my computer.  It was supposed to suppliment the existing 1TB drive that I already had installed.  However, unknowingly, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software started and created a Recovery Volume (this is something new to me so I appologize if I am not using the proper terms).  Your help would be greatly appreciated.


      Currently:  Under the Manage Disk screen of the software, I can since a single Array, Volume_0000 is made up of two 954GB drives but the entire volume, of type Recovery, is 954GB.


      Desired:  What I wanted to to continue to have the 954GB C drive and add the 2nd 954GB drive to drive D, giving me two 954GB drives to store a variety of files on.  Obviously I want to keep was is on the original drive and would want the new drive to be empty ready for use.


      One point of clarrification needed.  Am I correct in assuming that the Master disk was the disk that was originally in my computer while the Recovery disk is the new disk?


      Thanks in advance,