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      Hi everyone !


      Hopefully somebody will be able to help me !


      I have a P5E3 PRO, WINDOWS 7 64 BITS, and I'm looking for the Latest AHCI drivers for

      - Intel® ICH9R/DO/DH SATA AHCI Controller

      I found this link Centre de téléchargement where it is said that ICH9R is supported but when I extract it ( with cmd iata_cd.exe -a -a -p C:\ )

      In the iaAHCIC.inf there is only :


      Intel(R) 5 Series Port...

      Intel(R) 6 Series Port...

      Intel(R) 7 Series Port...

      Intel(R) 7 Series Port...

      Intel(R) C600

      Intel Desktop/ Workstation/Server

      Intel (R) ICH10D

      Intel (R) ICH10R

      Intel (R) ICH9M

      Intel (R) Mobile


      So i don't know what to do really don't want to select a random one and get blue screens


      So my question is :

      - Is this the right link ? If yes, why is ICH9R missing ?

      - If not, where can I find the very latest AHCI drivers for my ICH9R motherboard P5E3 Pro.


      Thank you very much for your help.


      My drivers is :



      Thank you again