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    DH67BL 3 beeps, no post, no video, known good RAM


      On powering up new DH67BL mobo, I hear 3 beeps (memory error), no video out the on-board DVI out and no post on screen.

      Rear, front, top and PSU fans running; 3 fans have LED lights working and can turn on/off from front panel switch. Intel CPU fan is plugged into mobo and starts  and keeps running as expected.  Front panel power switch and fan-LED on/off switches working. Small yellow-green led on mobo on. Keyboard, mouse and DVI video cables attached.  Tried new separate pci-e video card as well.

      1) Tried replacing RAM sticks from known good machine. Tried no memory, single stick in each slot, 3 sticks and 4 sticks all with same 3 beeps/no post result.  Tried F2 at power on but still no post/access to bios.

      2) Had friend check all connections against mobo and case documetation

      3) Double checked mobo standoffs; even lifted mobo out, removed all but CPU/PSU/RAM connections and powered on with same result

      4) Both the large and small (4) PSU connectors are attached to the mobo appropriately

      5) Reseated memory in various configurations

      6) Checked that arrow on the CPU lines up with an arrow on the motherboard CPU socket; no bent pins either

      7) Remounted CPU heat sink with Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste; all very clean

      8) Checked underneath mobo for any bent pins or obvious issue; checked top of mobo; found no obvious issues

      9) Pulled disk battery and unplugged; left overnight; still can't get to bios settings on F2 or after removing bios recovery jumper (tried jumper in normal, config and recovery)

      All other components are new and seem to work outside this mobo.

      Is the mobo bad? Is the CPU bad?

      *Borrowing a PSU tester to fully test the power supply; will update afterwards.


      DH67BL mobo, CoolerMaster Storm case, CUL-750B PSU, Kingston DDR3 1333 RAM, Seagate HDD, sata DVD, etc.


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