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    Cannot start rcsserver service error 193: 0xc1


      Trying to start the Intel SCS on my Win Server 2008 R2.  I install it, but during install I get "Cannot start RCSService".  Any reason why that would be?  Anything I can do about it?  I have the service running under a local administrator account.  Also tried the system account.  Same problem.


      Here is a screenshot:


      Thanks in advance!

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          Joseph Oster

          I have not seen that specific error before, at what step does the installation fail?

          Here are a few suggestions:

          1. Review your User guide that came with your SCS download to verify your installation setup
          2. Make sure that all your pre-reqs are installed and enabled
          3. Try installing SCS with a domain account instead of a local user.
          4. If installing using the NetworkService account, follow the instructions exactly as this is easy to make mistakes.
          5. Uninstall SCS and then reinstall SCS, this is a very simple procedure.


          If this doesnt help, let me know with more details