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    My I7 920 only shows 1 processor core and 1 thread in windows vista (64bit)



      If anyone has an idea about my situation and can shine some light on the problem would be greatly appreciated.


      Here's my problem:


      I own a I7 920 processor using a Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard, now everything was fine when first using it in my build, usually checking my temps and cpu usage, seeing all 8 cores being utilized.  Then one day, I log on to windows vista to see what my temps and cpu usage is to only see one core being used, and the remaining 7 cores show a -1 %.  I use PC Wizard 2008, if anyone is familiar with the program.


      Attempts to narrow down the problem:


      - Went into the BIOS and checked my cpu configuration for the option "Active Processor Cores" to see if "ALL" cores are active which they are by default.

      - Checked to see if hyper-threading was enabled, it is.

      - Looked at programs like 3dMark Vantage, PC Wizard 2008, CPU-Z to see my setup information, which states only one processor is active.

      - Tried looking in MSCONFIG to see how many processors are detected on boot which states one, and have left the "number of processors" unchecked   which is the default.


      I'm just curious if there is something wrong with the processor itself, or a problem with my motherboard or operating system.  But my money is on the processor because everything was working fine before this occurance.